September Jobs

Some projects are finishing up, but we’re always ready for more!  Here’s a list of our work portfolio heading into September!

Ferguson Showroom




Columbia Plaza

Colonial Pipeline

3445 Peachtree Restroom Renovations

Piedmont Fitness Center

Federal Reserve Bank

Columbia Plaza

We have many more on the horizon!  Call us at the office for any information or with any questions.

April jobs

Mandarin Oriental Unit 40B High end condominiums in Buckhead
Mandarin Oriental 43B High end condominiums in Buckhead
Dr. Baroco A veterinary office space for Dr. Baroco
Dr. Bermer A Medical office space for Dr. Jason Bermer

Jobs in progress

  • Mandarin Oriental 44A
  • Mandarin Oriental 44B
  • Bibb County Tax Commisioner
  • CSL Plasma Stone Mountain
  • Soltech
  • Pinnacle Promotions
  • PNC Bank Dunwoody
  • ZinBurger
  • FedEx Westin